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The San Sebastián Community Center will be constructed with careful planning, taking into account aesthetic and functional requirements. Construction safety measures will include sturdy materials, emergency exits, adequate ventilation, and compliance with structural integrity guidelines. Trees will be planted to enrich the view. This center will not only stand the test of time, but will also provide a safe and secure environment for all.


The Location

The San Sebastián Community Center will be built next to the San Sebastián church. It is where the community water well and the former house of alcoholics anonymous are currently located.


Space Layout

All the space on the land will be used effeciently. Outside there will be a natural space where children can play. A space will be allocated to build a septic. The inhabitants of the community will always have access to the community well since it will be outside the construction.

Construction Phases

Construction is planned to be completed in two phases.

Phase One

A main hall of 15 x 22 meters will be built.


This space will be made with a block with a height of two meters and  with 1.5 meters of mesh up to the ceiling. With a total wall height of 3.5 meters. 


A bathroom will be built with the septic tank.

Phase Two

In the eastern part of the main hall will include a two-level construction measuring approximately 10 x 10 meters.  


It will have a balcony along the main street and also on the second level in front.


The first level will have two rooms and a living room.


The second level of approximately 10 x 10 meters will be connected to the main hall of the first phase.

Be a fundamental part of this project and help improve our San Sebastián Canton with your donation today!

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